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Mockup (fake _ print-out concept) for election theme of Vote by Mail Ballot envelopes for

As the chief election official for Kitsap County, Paul’s office has maintained an accurate voter database, administered 15 elections, and maintained secure custody of over 2 million ballots. There are currently over 200,000 registered voters in Kitsap County, the most to date. The 2020 Presidential Election was the largest election ever conducted in Kitsap County.


Under Paul’s leadership, the Auditor’s office added cameras to the vote center and began live streaming every open meeting related to elections, including the public canvass boards, random batch audits, and logic and accuracy tests. The ballot room can also be viewed live throughout every election, allowing everyone to watch democracy in action.


Beginning in this August’s Primary, Paul’s office will be conducting a risk limiting audit (RLA), a random sampling of ballots cast compared against the machine result to validate the tabulation’s accuracy. This is a more thorough validation that is similar to the random batch audit but conducted across the entire election, not just ballots on Election Day.

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