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Paul Andrews has been serving the public for 28 years. His unique skills and vision have helped ensure today’s Kitsap County Auditor’s Office is efficient and transparent.

In just three years, Paul’s office has:

Ensured Accountability

Paul’s office is responsible for auditing every department of county government.

Office Desk

Increased Accessibility

Paul’s technical skills with new online tools and technology have been essential to improving accessibility to county documents.

Working from Home
Organised Files

Secured Funding

Paul’s office secured grant funding to add over a million historical documents to the Auditor’s website, dating back to 1957.

Business Conference

Addressed Inequities

Paul formed a racial equity committee to better understand election issues faced by various ethnic groups across Kitsap County.

Local Elections

As the chief election official for Kitsap County, Paul’s office has maintained an accurate voter database, administered 15 elections, and maintained secure custody of over 2 million ballots.

Mockup (fake _ print-out concept) for election theme of Vote by Mail Ballot envelopes for

Added Voting Opportunities

Paul’s office added a new vote center and two additional days of availability at each of the vote centers.

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